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Front Page themes consist of unified designs and color schemes that take into account the use of navigation bars, fonts, bullets and other website components. Once you’ve found the template you want to use for your website you then need to decide on the leve of customization you want for it. If it is a good site then you will be able to change things like color, font and logo without to much trouble. XsitPro2 comes with a remarkable selection of templates that will provide you with a template that will fit in well with your website themes

6. The final step is to save your new design as a fully customized XSitePro template that you can use again and again when you need it. To modify it slightly and change colors, backgrounds etc is straightforward, which will allow you to create multiple common themed sites from your own proprietary XSitePro2 templates.

Page templates allow you a certain amount of freedom in deciding how each page will appear — whether it’s a blog post, a static page, an image gallery, and so on. Knowing how to adapt a theme using custom page templates is a useful way to take control of how you market your business themes

Every time you use a word processor you are using a template: your active page is a template – every page looks the same except for the content it contains. 64 websites with high quality, highly engaging content on thousands of topics, created by professional inhouse writers.

The header that came with the template will need be changed to show the logo for your business. Most websites you visit minus the very large ones are built on ready – made web templates. Web themes such as those from WordPress are comparable to websites done using Php, Dreamweaver and the themes