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You’ve probably already heard how WordPress is a very popular platform for bloggers, and chances are, a majority of the blogs you read every day were created with WordPress. Featured Images for posts should be at least 880 wide by 312 tall. As well as these free WordPress themes that are available from within your control panel, many websites offer a great selection of themes – some of which are free, and some of which are ‘premium’ themes that incur a charge.

With our responsive themes and mobile and desktop apps, you’ll enjoy a seamless experience on any device and so will your blog visitors. To edit an image or a header and that option doesn’t appear in within the template dashboard, you need access to the images located in the hosting file, which you do not have access to. So just be aware of this.

For any of the featured pages selected for the front page, keep in mind that if you choose your posts page, the front page will display the excerpt and featured image of your latest blog post. Display your photos and projects in a 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns layout using the Projects page template and custom post type included with Luxury.website themes

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Either way, explore how your posts, pages, and images look on different page templates. As you get more involved in internet marketing you will understand the importance of having a unique design with unique content, and there are many graphics programs around that can help you to alter your template graphics and text.website themes