It’s certainly possible to create a website by starting a text editor and writing pages of html coding, but why would you do that when it can be done so much easier? If you are thinking of starting an online business one of the first things you will need to do is get yourself a website in place. Each hour people are online searching for things. As you begin to program interactive content and motion elements, such as animations, you can publish your course materials online on your website.

So using my website as an example I can give you an estimate time to build your website. Now more than ever, people are wanting to start a business online or just make a personal online space for family and friends. We are a team of content writers, editors, designers, and search engine optimizers who believe in making a difference in the web world through our content.create website

Many web designing software programs can make many pages quickly but you still need to put in the keywords, content and everything else to make it optimized for the search engines. If you know how to use Microsoft Word, it will be really easy to build your very own website.

1. The website creator means that you have total control of building your own site in very easy steps with ready-made tools built in for ease. When you begin using a website creating software program, you will be given a choice of different styles and templates.create website

It is great for building anything from small one page sites to large eye-catching business sites. After you have chosen your domain name and web host, you now need to design your website. If you are creating a website using free software and hosting, it may put you at a disadvantage.create website