It might come as a surprise to know just how many websites benefit from the professional design of website themes, just like those found on Many themes offers custom page templates — such as full width, boxed, panel, or grid — and you can adapt a theme to suit your business needs. To add a Site Logo, go to My Sites → Customize → Site Identity and upload the logo in Logo section. The right website theme, such as Corporate , can give small businesses the online stamina of their larger counterparts. It has a themes concept, which allows a developer to configure website pages with themes

The main problem that one can face while using a web template is the pre-determined space for content and image, which when altered to suit one’s needs, can mess up the layout of the page. Radcliffe looks its best when you assign a Featured Image to your themes

Hooks are meant to make further customizing simple and more intuitive; such as moving the search bar, placing search boxes in the header, or adding content to the footer. If you have ever tried designing one from scratch, then you will know that it is not an easy task, and can take a long time, especially when these bugs start popping up all over the place.

Start with a modern site design and customize it with your branding, content, and features. Install plugins, upload your own themes, get access to powerful tools, and fully own your customer experience. With the current attitude of the blog owners this is further increasing the need for the developers to create new themes that will give the best impression to internet themes

While a person can take the time to learn HTML and now XHTML to create and design their own pages, it is simpler and more accessible to more people to use website templates. The website templates can be customized in terms of color, images and content and leave little to imagination as regards the end product.