Today I’ve chosen to blog about Oracle database licensing policy for two reasons. The total number of Named Users must be greater than or equal to the sum of all the server minimum requirements where the Oracle Product is installed. I am a developer and I can see that if you us what I call a traditional development environment you have personal oracle installed on your development machine plus your full development environment and everytuhing is fine, no license your own website

Set one display’s switch to have CS1 on , and the other to have CS2 on. If your displays light up the wrong way round, just swap their identities using these switches. If you have a webbased application where you can not really count the users you have to license by processor your own website

You can use full database licenses for development OR optionally you can download absolutely free database software from Oracle Technology Network (OTN). For the post bewlow: licensing and user minimums are described in the Oracle Software Investment Guide – search for this and you will find it. The core factor comes only into account when we speak about DB Enterprise your own website

In general I would recommend to not install anything if you dont use it 😉 Anyway from licensing point of view: lets say Oracle will audit your company, then Oracle will see which software is enabled (installed and ready to be used) but Oracle also will see which software is in use – enabled and in use are not the same.

Yes & No. Yes you may be restricted if your company is already under an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) with an Oracle Partner or Oracle for a specific database license and version. Certain Core failures, corrupt the code of an ERP system if the company waits too long, that even Oracle Support can do NOTHING.