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Today I’ve chosen to blog about Oracle database licensing policy for two reasons. We are planning to implement clustering using windows 2008 Enterprise R2. My query is do we need to buy license for oracle which will be installed on the secondary node in cluster. So if I have one CPU with 6 cores, then I need 3 Oracle Standard Edition licenses (or 6 licenses if I go with 2 CPUs of 6 cores each).

I can see that if I had wiring or some issues sketch wont work so I know that all my wires are connected correctly and clock is showing up on the display, the issue is same as with Tiny RTC , time wont come (get_time()) and nothing gets stored on DS1307.

Oracle database comes in five flavors or edition, each suitable for different scenario. If AWS or Oracle require me to use two licenses, I’m devaluing my EE license by 50%. If the server has a max of 2 processor sockets then the lower cost Standard Edition One can be your own website

Oracle’s processor based licensing are based on number of CPU cores but number of total CPU cores should be converted to number of processor. I’ve now designed a pcb specifically for this project called the GURDuino it has a IDC header for the ribbon cable attachement and can be powered by a voltage regulator or +5v your own website

User experience (UX) is a tricky and very particular aspect of any game design to master, largely because it relies on fickle and finicky human emotion, response, behaviour, and expectation. Example: A customer who wants to license the Database Enterprise Edition on a 4-way box will be required to license a minimum of 4 processors 25 Named User Plus, which is equal to 100 Named User your own website