MilesWeb Business Hosting: High Power, Great Performance!

Building a strong online presence is every business owner’s goal. The business hosting plan of MilesWeb is specially designed for the same purpose. It combines everything in one package that is crucial for high traffic, e-commerce or growing business websites.

MilesWeb business hosting has cloud platform which helps in delivering high performance of the website. It is completely optimized for websites that need higher resource and greater security. You don’t need to dwell into server complexities and still get the desired performance of your website.

MilesWeb Business Hosting

Let’s dive into the detailed features of MilesWeb business hosting plan and benefits of using their plan.

Business hosting explained

As mentioned earlier, business hosting is mostly suited for e-commerce or heavy traffic websites. A shared hosting plan may not be sufficient for a website which is heavy, also you may need to buy security services separately. Therefore, business hosting is put together with all these features in one single package. Thus, making it more powerful and reliable web hosting.

MilesWeb business hosting

MilesWeb business hosting plan is a one-stop-solution for your high-traffic, e-commerce website needs. It is one of the best hosting providers to offer business hosting plan at marked down prices. For your business web hosting plan, you can choose the server location from India, US and UK.

MilesWeb business hosting plan- Pros


Business hosting plan utilizes a cloud platform for hosting your website. A cloud platform is a cluster of servers built together as one that means your website is hosted on multiple servers. Hence, minimizing your downtime and delivering powerful performance.


Your website grows eventually as your need increases, resulting in an increase in website traffic as well. But with MilesWeb’s scalability technology in business hosting plan, the resources expand to meet the need of your server resources. This is also one of the reasons for reducing your server downtime.


As the security feature – web application firewall is already included with your plan, your website remains safeguarded from any potential web attacks.

Why you should choose business hosting over shared or VPS hosting?

Shared hosting is adequate for a small or medium website but if you have high traffic or e-commerce website that may not need SSH root access then business hosting is recommended. Also, performance wise business hosting delivers better performance as compared to shared hosting or VPS hosting.

Apart from this, there are many features such as backup/restore, DDoS protection, web application firewall, security report and blocking users by the country which are not included with VPS plan or shared hosting plans but are present in the business hosting plan.

Features of MilesWeb cloud-based business hosting

Cloud Infrastructure:

In a shared server, you sharing the resources of your server with other users that reside on the same server and thus your website performance may get affected due to traffic spike on any of those websites. But when your site is hosted with MilesWeb business hosting, it utilizes the cloud platform to host your website as the resources are distributed across multiple servers to keep your website up and live all the time. Cloud infrastructure makes this plan more reliable and powerful as well as secure.

Website backup in the cloud:

Your website data is back up on regular basis to avoid loss of data in case of accidental an error. You may delete a file accidentally or any activity that results in your website crash can cause disaster to your website. But with MilesWeb backup feature, all your website data is backed up on their cloud server and is available for restore at any point of time. In fact, you can even run the backup of your site when you need.

Email spam protection:

MilesWeb’s email spam protection automatically blocks the emails which look suspicious or are spam. All your incoming emails are filtered before they reach your inbox. You no more have to worry about your email inbox getting flooded with spam emails.

Cloud-based web security:

Your websites is continuously monitoring for all the incoming/ outgoing traffic to protect your website from any malicious activities. A web application firewall monitors, filters and blocks any potential web attacks before it reaches your web server.



MilesWeb Business Hosting

The price of the business hosting plan is quite reasonable. It starts at Rs.2100 per month. With these current discount of 20%, you get this plan just at Rs.1680 for a month along with all the feature listed in the image above.

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Bottom Line

Are you having an e-commerce store or have high traffic website? Then look no further than MilesWeb business hosting. Because as compared to other hosting, business hosting is a superior hosting solution that you should consider for hosting your website. In terms of features, pricing or security business hosting is the champ.