You might have a beautiful website theme and the best portfolio – but do you think, it is going to help your website if you haven’t optimized your website? Choose a word to use as your Featured Content tag and add it in the text field. Many WordPress templates will come with a variety of options so that you can edit the template very easily from your WordPress dashboard. Using website templates are about the best option for you if you do not have the time and resources to go hire a website themes

Whilst this may be true not all templates are equal – some are designed and structured really well and look professional whilst others are downright nasty. For each post you’d like to feature, use the Tags & Categories area of the editor to add the tag you chose under Customize → Featured themes

Best of all, outstanding premium WordPress themes usually cost under $100. Adding blog entries, called posts, or full static pages is very simple. When you change themes, all of your content stays with you but may have to reconfigure your custom menus and widgets.

Choose from hundreds of customizable themes, with new additions weekly. Start with one of dozens of free WordPress themes and customize it with your logo, content, and more. The templates are modern, clean and SEO friendly in their design and layout. Believe it or not, the web design industry is filled with companies posing as web design companies that literally use incredibly instructed web themes

7. To save a lot of time, rather than digging through the websites of numerous theme companies, check out a few online marketplaces that aggregate the best WordPress business themes from multiple theme designers into one place. Simply put, themes are stylish website homes” awaiting your site’s decor.” Page templates are ready-shaped web pages where you can plug in your content.