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Today I’ve chosen to blog about Oracle database licensing policy for two reasons. My multimeter reads 470 to 480mA when both displays are connected and 500mA when only one is connected. I would check all your connections, especially the 4 data lines to the displays and the power to the displays. I would be happy to provide a pair of these panels, as I have an extra set, to anyone who would be interested in working on a code translation that would correctly run Nick’s Pong Clock.design your own website

It can only be licensed on servers, or server clusters, that have a maximum capacity of 4 processor sockets. For non production licenses you would license using named user licensing at the rate of min. Once you stop paying support even in life long licenses, and you wish to renew for support at later stage, you have to pay support for all the years you did not pay for or buy new licenses.design your own website

Yes & No. Yes you may be restricted if your company is already under an Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) with an Oracle Partner or Oracle for a specific database license and version. Certain Core failures, corrupt the code of an ERP system if the company waits too long, that even Oracle Support can do NOTHING.

You can use full database licenses for development OR optionally you can download absolutely free database software from Oracle Technology Network (OTN). For the post bewlow: licensing and user minimums are described in the Oracle Software Investment Guide – search for this and you will find it. The core factor comes only into account when we speak about DB Enterprise Edition.

It means 2-socket server each having one dual-core CPU, will be considered as 4 sockets server and is not eligible for Standard One edition installation. Optionally you can stop paying for support and in that case you don’t lose the ownership of the licenses but in that case you will not receive any my Oracle support, patches etc.design your own website