If you are a website designer, or are starting up a website or a blog for the first time, you have probably started to realize that WordPress is most definitely the best website design platform available today. Page templates allow you a certain amount of freedom in deciding how each page will appear — whether it’s a blog post, a static page, an image gallery, and so on. Knowing how to adapt a theme using custom page templates is a useful way to take control of how you market your business online.website themes

Once you have a template of a website that suits your needs and preferences, all you have to do is replace all the content in them with that of your own, leaving the design just the way it is. If you have the know-how, you can even modify it a bit to make it completely unique and distinctive compared to the original template that you chose.

An arduous research is carried out pertaining to a particular market and after a brainstorming session between the designer and the developer, a theme is decided upon that will not just make the website look captivating, but also serve as the most effective medium for businesses to represent themselves in the digital world.website themes

Intergalactic 2 includes support for a Site Logo , which appears in the header above the site title at a maximum of 600 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall on the blog and archives, and a maximum of 250 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall on single posts and pages.website themes

Before beginning the discussion about the pros and cons of using a template to design a website, we need to know what exactly it is. Spoken in a layman’s term, a website template is a pre-designed website that you can buy and then customize the same by adding your own content to launch your own website.